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10 May 2021

Our joint paper with Anuj Dawar and Luca Reggio on Lovász-Type Theorems and Game Comonads has been recently accepted to LICS 2021. Its preprint is now available on arXiv.

17 Mar 2021

Announcing Structure meets Power Workshop (27-28 June 2021), focussed on bringing together researchers from Track A and Track B strands of theoretical computer science. Save the date!

17 Dec 2020

We have submitted an extended version of our FoSSaCS 2020 paper for publication. You can find it at arXiv:2012.09975. Any feedback welcome.

30 Jul 2020

Luca Reggio, Mai Gehrke and I have finished our contribution to Samson Abramsky's upcoming festschrift.

13 Apr 2020

My recent paper with Mai Gehrke and Luca Reggio has been accepted for publication for this year's FoSSaCS 2020 and is already available online on

12 Feb 2020

I started a Research Associate position at the University of Cambridge. You can find my new professional website here.

09 Oct 2019

My recent paper Canonical extensions of locally compact frames has been accepted for publication. You can find the preprint on arXiv.

10 Sep 2019

The slides of my Logic Colloquium 2019 talk have been made available. You can find them here.

06 Jul 2019

We have submitted a paper about A duality theoretic view on limits of finite structures. It is available on arXiv.

21 Jun 2019

TACL 2019 is finally over and I dare to say that it was a great success. I'm proud to have been part of the organising team.

05 Jan 2019

My paper with Achim Jung and Aleš Pultr, titled Quotients of d-Frames, has been published.

01 Dec 2018

I submitted a new paper called Canonical extensions of locally compact frames.

01 Apr 2018

I started working at the Université Côte d’Azur, in Nice, where I am joining Mai Gehrke's project DuaLL.

20 Feb 2018

Today I defended my thesis d-Frames as algebraic duals of bitopological spaces and, consequently, also finished my PhD studies.

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